Closed: Internship Opening

Wanted: a totally awesome intern interested in MG, YA, and Women’s Fic (Upmarket, Literary, and Chick-Lit) This means reading full and partial manuscripts and writing up reader reports. It may also mean helping to manage a query inbox, assisting in content and line edits of client manuscripts, and various other creative and administrative tasks. I still personally read ALL of manuscripts that…

Closing to Queries in November

As of November 1, 2015, I will be closing to unsolicited queries. I always hate to do so, because I never know what great books I’ll be missing out on, but given the state of my slush and to-be-read piles, this is necessary and overdue. I can’t say for sure when I will be open again, but I don’t see…

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Manuscript Wishlist

Originally posted on Manuscript Wishlist:
I am building my list of YA, MG, and Adult fiction. Regardless of market or genre, I’m looking for books with a great hook or a fascinating world, a strong but *real* protagonist, a story I can sink my teeth into, and, most importantly, a voice I would follow to the end of the world…


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